List of All Units, Their Associated Majors, and Contact Information


Department of Biological Sciences
BS in Biology, AD in Veterinary Technology

Dr. Zafer Hatahet







School of Business
BS in Accounting, BS in Business Administration, BS in Computer Information Systems

Dr. Margaret Kilcoyne







School of Creative and Performing Arts
FA in Fine and Graphic Arts, BM in Music, BS in Theatre, MA in Art, MM in Music

Dr. Greg Handel







Department of Criminal Justice, History and Social Sciences
BA in Criminal Justice, BA in History, BA in Organizational Leadership, BS in Unified Public Safety Administration, 
MS in Homeland Security

Mr. Joe Morris







Department of Educational Leadership and Technology
MA in Adult Education, MA in Counseling, MA in Student Affairs in Higher Education, M Ed. in Educational Leadership, M Ed. In Educational Technology Leadership, Ed. S. in Educational Leadership and Instruction

Dr. Paula Furr


Department of Teaching and Learning
BM Ed. in Music Education, BS in Early Childhood Education, BS in Elementary Education, BS in Secondary Education & Teaching, All MAT Programs, M Ed.  in Curriculum and Instruction, M Ed. in Early Childhood Education, M Ed. in Special Education, PBCs and PMCs

Dr. Kimberly McAlister







Department of Engineering Technology 
BS in Electronics Engineering Technology, BS in Industrial Engineering Technology

Mr. Bobby Nowlin











General Studies
AGS in General Studies, BGS in General Studies, BA in Liberal Arts

Mr. Steve Hicks







Graduate Studies  
Non-Degree-Seeking Graduate Students

Dr. Steve Horton







Department of Health and Human Performance
BS in Health and Exercise Science, BS in Health and Physical Education, MS in Health and Human Performance

Dr. John Dollar


Division of Family and Consumer Sciences
BS in Family and Consumer Sciences, BS in Hospitality Management and Tourism

Dr. Pat Pierson








Department of Language and Communication
BA in Communication, BA in English, MA in English

Dr. Paula Furr







Louisiana Scholars’ College
BA in Liberal Arts, Various Joint Majors

Dr. William Housel










Department of Mathematics 
BS in Mathematics

Dr. Frank Serio







College of Nursing
ASN in Nursing, BSN in Nursing, MSN in Nursing

Dr. Pamela Simmons


School of Radiologic Sciences
BAS in Allied Health, BS in Radiologic Sciences, MS in Radiologic Sciences

Dr. Laura Aaron







Department of Psychology
BS in Addiction Studies, BS in Psychology, MS in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Susan Thorson Barnett












Department of Social Work
BSW in Social Work

Dr. Wade Tyler